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Photo courtesy of IKAN Installations Inc.

Victoria-based company, IKAN Installations Inc., is expanding their business to serve central Vancouver Island.

The company, founded in 2010 by co-owners Anthony Stubbs and Kyler Dovolosky, specializes in the construction and installation of IKEA kitchens.

Stubbs, a former contractor, said “IKEA kitchens are very popular, but no one has the time or expertise to install them.”

Stubbs said their goal is to make the process “as seamless as possible.” To do that, said Stubbs, the company brings in a designer and the two work with the homeowner to design the kitchen. IKAN then orders the product and puts it together at their shop.

“It’s easier on the homeowner to have us put it together offsite,” said Stubbs. “It’s less mess and less hassle for them.”

Stubbs said they decided to start servicing the Central Island because people were asking. “People would phone and ask if we did installations in Nanaimo and we had to say no. Now we are operating from Victoria to Qualicum.”

Although they work closely with IKEA, IKAN is not directly affiliated with them. They also only do kitchen cabinetry.

“We have a team of contractors that we can recommend to people,” said Stubbs. He said that through his years of being a contractor and working at IKAN, they have a select group of professionals that they enjoy working with.

Stubbs said despite being asked to work in Nanaimo for awhile, they only now felt comfortable making the move.

Stubbs said he hopes that business will go well, and if it does they will be able to expand further and build a store in Nanaimo.

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