Blake Deal
The Navigator

VIU launched a new and improved website which they hope is more accessible.

“We’re excited to launch our new, user-friendly website which will dramatically improve VIU’s online presence,” said Dan Hurley, Executive Director of University Relations. “These positive changes will keep VIU at the forefront of emerging technology and ensure we have an institutional website that’s highly adaptable and accessible.” 

The website’s upgrade, the first in several years, aims to streamline content, provide better navigation tools, and allow greater access for people using mobile devices.

“We’re certain that user groups, including prospective and current students, international students, faculty and staff, alumni and donors, and the community will find the site easy to navigate,” said Hurley. “They’ll be able to access important information and resources quickly and efficiently.”
VIU’s web manager, Michael Carpenter, is leading the upgrade project, and said the revamped website is part of VIU’s comprehensive Web Services Plan to integrate several campus systems and take advantage of emerging innovations and technologies. He said web browser improvements will benefit faculty and staff who manage departmental or faculty websites.

“They will have greater control over updating content,” said Carpenter. “It will be easier for them to add videos, photos, and other information from any web-connected device. This should result in more consistent, accurate, and current online information, which is great news for students and other users.”

Carpenter said the launch is only the first phase of VIU’s website redevelopment, and that further improvements will follow in the coming months.

“We’ll continue to work on new features and release them as they are developed,” he said. “These will include interactive components relating to slide show galleries, videos, feedback forums, and more. As well, we’ll continue to make improvements to web content in terms of consistency in language and layout.”

With the website now live, VIU’s University Relations welcomes feedback from anyone, including the public, about technical or content issues, or about the general look and feel of the new site. Please email the Web Management Office at web(at)