Above: Keith Penner scaling a rock wall. By Cole Schisler.

By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler

Every Tuesday night at 6 pm, Campus Rec runs a shuttle service from the VIU gym to the Romper Room Indoor Rock Climbing Centre for $7.35.

VIU Campus Rec provides all the necessary equipment, including harnesses and climbing shoes. They also cover the cost of admission and transport students to and from the climbing gym. Regularly, admission to the climbing gym would cost around $22.

Keith Penner, a second-year VIU business student, is an avid climber and a regular on the shuttle trips.

“It’s an affordable way to have a good time and enjoy getting some good exercise,” Penner said. “If you enjoy getting a challenge out of exercise, climbing is definitely a sport you should try.”

Going to the climbing nights is also a great way to make friends and interact with likeminded students.

“I’ve made lots of good friends through climbing,” Penner said. “I’ve been outdoor climbing with many people because of the shuttle, and there’s a really great, healthy, friendly community that comes with climbing.”

To sign up for the Rock Climbing shuttle, register online at viu.ca/campusrec/ or head down to the VIU gymnasium on Tuesday before 6 pm.

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