By Sports and Lifestyle Editor Cole Schisler

The Mariners were in Montreal for the CCAA National Soccer Championship over the weekend, and ended the tournament winning the last of their three games.

In their opening match against the Idiennes d’Ahunstic, the Mariners kept the game tied at 0–0 throughout the first half. While both teams created scoring opportunities, the Idiennes found the net at the 82-minute-mark, to win the match 1–0 over the Mariners. Harroop Mali was named VIU’s player of the game.

Next, the Mariners played the North Alberta Institute of Technology Ooks. The Ooks opened the scoring early, putting away a goal at the 7-minute-mark, before scoring again to close out the first half. In the second half, Mariners’ midfielder Kaylee Dodds scored at the 50-minute-mark. The Mariners followed the goal with an aggressive offensive effort, however Ooks goaltender Kailey Harder managed to fend off the Mariners, ending the match

The story was much the same in the second quarter, as the Blues led 45–22 going in to the half. The Mariners were 16/51 in shooting for the first half, whereas the Blues shot 27/44. The Mariners had 20.7 percent on their field goals, 20 percent on their three-pointers, and 66.7 percent on their free throws. Mariners forward Sienna Pollard led the Mariners in scoring going in to the second half with eight points.

In the third quarter, the Blues were dominant. They ended the quarter with a lead of 60–26, the widest lead of the match. The Mariners fought back in the fourth quarter, they controlled the pace, were aggressive on their rebounds and put up 14 points in the quarter, but were unable to overcome the wide lead of the Blues. The Blues won 69–40.

The Mariners finished the match shooting 27/95 total, and the Blues shot 41/111 total. The Mariners improved on their ability to recover rebounds, with 44 total rebounds to Capilano’s 49 rebounds. It was the Mariner’s accuracy that told the tale of this match.

The Mariners will travel to take on the Columbia Bible College Bearcats on November 18, and their next home game is January 6 against the Quest Kermodes.

2–1 Ooks. Kaylee Dodds was named VIU’s player of the game. For the final match of the tournament, the Mariners face the Holland Hurricanes. Mariners’ forward Chloe Gummer scored with precision at the 4-minute-mark. Ten minutes later, Mariners’ defender Nicole Foglietta extended the Mariners lead to 2–0 over the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes scored off a penalty kick at the 20th minute, but the Mariners kept their composure and continued to play well. Chloe Gummer found the net again at the 40-minute-mark, then scored again to complete the hat trick in the dying minutes of the first half. The Mariners won 4–1, Chloe Gummer was VIU’s player of the game.

Many of the Mariners matches were close fought battles that could have gone to either team. While the record may not reflect it, the Mariners preformed well on the national stage, and will likely continue their success next season.

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