Photo courtesy of March for Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women -Feb 14/2015 Facebook event page.


Beginning at 11 am on Valentine’s Day, hundreds of people gathered on VIU’s campus in solidarity to honour the missing and murdered indigenous women across Canada.

They began with a welcoming at Shq’apthut Gathering Place, holding posters that read “Where are our women?” and “We will not stop looking…”


The group at Swy-A-Lana Lagoon

The group was followed by a police cruiser with lights flashing in the crisp and sunny weather, the crowd was polite and diverse throughout the march. By 12:30, the group had grown to over 200 people at Swy-A-Lana Lagoon, where elders said a few words, followed by a prayer and a moment of silence.

John Geddert, a student at VIU in First Nations studies said on Facebook, “Huge thanks to everyone who brought their presence and spirits today supporting community, hych’qa siem!”