Above: Photo courtesy of Urs Camenisch

By Sports Editor Cole Schisler

5F is a free sports networking app that allows users to find friends who want to stay active in a variety of ways.

Users can create an account displaying which activities they are interested in and what their level of expertise in a given activity is, ranging from wanting to try an activity to being an expert. Users can also set their preference in friends based on the sport, age, gender, and location.

5F was founded by Urs Camenisch, a former air ambulance pilot who believes too many people are lacking in basic fitness.

“I transported too many patients with non-life-threatening illnesses that could have been prevented with some regular exercise,” Camenisch said, “I am hoping to make a small difference with this app.”

With over 100 possible activities to choose from, 5F appeals to all athletes. Users can choose from activities like biking, curling, ping pong, hiking, swimming, and various other activities.

The app is currently available on iOS, and an Android version is being developed.